RGD identifies Against the Grain Theatre Visual Identity as one of the Top Case Studies of 2016

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Thank you to the Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD) and the the RGD Case Study jury (and Todd Falkowsky of The Canadian Design Resource in particular) for selecting the Against the Grain Theatre visual identity project as one of the four top RGD case studies of 2016. It’s an unexpected honour and Todd’s very kind words about the project are humbling:

“A powerful graphic and clever visual device that tickles your brain and pulls you directly into the purpose of the client – clearly demonstrating what against the grain looks like and invites you to learn more. You want to jump into the folds and discover how being different equals innovation and creativity. I really thought the process and discovery was thoughtful and bright…giving the client a real doorway into how fans would see their brand and business, helping the client think less about their own aesthetic and step back. The journey in making is typically so style driven and repetitive, most contemporary work only reflecting the taste of the designer or parroting present styles, but Acme discovered a way to bring something unique into the mix and gave it a real concept and tone. Lucky client, and we are rewarded too with another lovely piece from our industry”.

— Todd Falkowsky

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The Day After: First Things First

By Ideas

Bigotry, climate-change denial, dishonesty, and gross inequity have seized the day. And Acme is taking sides. As before this day and evermore Acme sides with feminists, queers, people of colour, people with disabilities, immigrants, refugees, the transgendered, the poor, the artists, the activists, and the left-wing bike-riding commie pinkos. There can be no more business as usual. but there’s plenty of hard work to do. There’s ignorance and fear to unravel from their tight binds. There’s hate to stand up to. There’s love to spread.

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