Acme was commissioned to design a visual identity for Amplified Opera—Formed by two Toronto-based opera artists, this new opera/theatre company is focused on providing artists from equity-seeking groups a platform to tell their stories on their own terms.

The Amplified Opera logo references a proscenium arch, a geometric diagram of waveform amplification, and the “O” letterform in “Opera” to arrive at a series of radiating concentric circles—this base figure is divided and elevated (amplified) signifying both a break with the past and the amplification of diverse voices that challenge the status quo.

Photography: Michael Barker
Hair and Make-up: Deux Beauté, Olyvia Little, Amy Harper
Performance Photography: Tanja Tiziana
Proscenium arch photo: Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, ILL,16-CHIG, 39-89

Logo formula showing a photo of proscenium arch plus a diagram of amplification, plus a series of concentric circles split in half plus the words "Amplified Opera" with the "A" highlighted all together equalling a compound logo mark for Amplified Opera
Logo for Amplified Opera printed on a sheet of white paper
Pages from Amplified Opera visual identity manual
Poster mockup for "The Queen in Me"
Rubber stamp beside stamped impression of Amplified Opera logo
Hand holding tote bag
Hand holding business card
Decorative image of yelling figure on background of wavy lines
Man wearing white t-shirt with Amplified Opera logo
Image of the front and back of pins that say they/them and she/her
An image of two lanyards.
An image of a singer in front of a background of wavy lines—text says "Amplified Alert: Tickets are on sale now for The Queen in Me."
An image of wavy magenta lines against a blue background, text says "Event Reminder: Holding Space starts tomorrow, June 30 at 4:00 pm edt, link to register in bio"
Black text on a white background, text says "Amplified Opera [is] a site for activism and shit-distrubing… They appear to be fearless." — barczablog, link in bio"
Image of opera singer and pianist with a blue/magenta gradient overlay