Fairy tales are not escapism but doors in the floor into the basement of the human psyche. Isn’t it the perfect time to have a show where we plumb the depths of patriarchy with an eye to coming out the other side by listening to and believing women?

Sarah KitzOn this summer's production of The Winter's Tale

…The Winter’s Tale bolsters Shakespeare in the Ruff’s reputation for taking the world’s most famous plays and making them surprising again, even when they seem straightforward on the surface.

Carly MagaThe Toronto Star, August 20, 2019

Acme was commissioned to design the creative campaign for Shakespeare in the Ruff’s 2019 production of The Winter’s Tale—a feminist adaption of Shakespeare’s classic. The campaign creative featured principal actor Eponine Lee in print posters, postcards, a program, and graphic assets for social media.

Photography: Michael Barker
Hair and Make-up: Jessica Gallant Beauty
Production Stills: Dahlia Katz

A sad-looking child holds a teddy bear under an arch of leadless branches representing a dark wood in this creative image for The Winter's Tale
A group of people in theatrical costume stand together in this production still from The Winter's Tale.
The Winter's Tale poster mocked-up on a wall
A small child holds a bowl of tissue representing fire in this production still from The Winter's Tale
Black and white image of The Winter's Tale postcard on top of a pile of sticks
Black and white image of a hand holding the program booklet for The Winter's Tale
A grid of examples of The Winter's Tale creative in application for different social media channels